School of Studies in History

Symposia / Workshops

S.No. Title Category Convener Date/Year Details
1 XI Session of Indian Association of American Studies Seminar Dr. D. Awasthi 1984-09-14  
2 All India seminar on the Socio economic History of Chhattisgarh Seminar Dr. M.A. Khan 1984-09-15  
3 All India Seminar on Tribals of Chhattisgarh Seminar Dr. J. R. Kamble 1985-06-04  
4 Seminar on the Sources of the History of Chhattisgarh Seminar Dr. J R Kambale 1986-03-13  
5 National Seminar on Tribal Adminstration in India Seminar Dr. M.A. khan 1986-03-23  
6 26th Annual session of Indian Historical Records Commission Seminar Dr. R.N.Mishra 2004-10-01  
7 Annual conference of Indian Association of social science Institutions Seminar on Insti... Seminar Dr. M.A. Khan 2004-01-29  
8 National Seminar on Bhartiya Itihas Mein Nari , 7-9 March, 2014 Seminar Prof. Abha R. Pal 2014-03-07  
9 National Seminar on Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi in 21 st Century & Second Session Chhat... Seminar Prof.Abha R. Pal 2016-02-25  
10 National Seminar on Gandhiwadi Vichardhara ki Sarthakta Seminar Prof. Abha R. Pal 2020-02-21  
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