Consultancy Cell

Consultancy - a part of PRSU’s Citizen’s Charter

The Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University (PRSU), Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India is committed towards the citizens of the country apropos Standard of Services, Information, Choice and Consultation, Non-discrimination and Accessibility, Grievance Redress, Courtesy and Value for Money. The humble faculty of the PRSU takes keen interest in fulfilling the Academia-Society Gap through providing Consultancy Services at individual to Institutional levels. The PRSU also expects cooperation from the society in exchange to fulfill its commitment towards the society.

Services in Offer [The stakeholders may contact the Nodal Faculty/Officer.]
Name of the SOS / InstituteNodal Faculty/OfficerNature of ConsultancyTargetConsultancy Fee
Life SciencesA.K. Pati Contact: [email protected]; Voice: 9826654829Data analysis for Projects, Thesis & Dissertation, Impact analysisIndividual/ Government Departments/ NGOInitial Discussion: INR 1000.00; thereafter Fees will be decided depending upon quantum/type/complexity of data analysis
Consultancy for preparation of IDPUniversity/ CollegeINR 5000.00 for colleges INR 10000.00 for Universities Consultancy does not include cost of preparation of documents
A. Poddar Contact: [email protected]; Voice: 9826643763Motivational talks for women for capacity building and creation of public awareness against environmental pollutionCollege and University students and Faculty; Public in generalCase to case basis
Physical EducationRajeev Choudhary Contact: [email protected] Voice: 9691460272Yoga for fitness and rejuvenationIndividual, School, College and University studentsCase to case basis
Self defense training
Dr. C.D. Agashe Professor Voice: 92255035341. Psychological testing 2. Psychological Counselling 3. Training plan for sportspersonsFor Sports personsCase to case basis
CWSDr. Reeta Venugopal Voice:9425515951Exercises for fitness, prevention and rehabilitation from hypokinetic problems with special reference to Women.College and University students. Public in generalCase to case basis
Dr. Priyambda Srivastava Voice: 94255173871.Psychological Guidance and CounselingCollege and University students. Public in generalCase to case basis
PsychologyDr. Meeta Jha Voice: 9826180809Psychological Guidance and CounselingSchool, College and University students and Faculty. Public in generalCase to case basis
Geology & Water Resource ManagementDr. N. Bodhankar Voice: 98265158591. Geotechnical Investigations for site selection. 2. Groundwater Investigation and Management PlanConstruction, Mining, Industrial OrganizationsCase to case basis
Dr. K. R. Hari,Voice: 8279846221. Petrographic Investigations 2. Mineral CharacterizationGeological / Mineral Exploration IndustriesRs.1000.0 per sample
Rs.1000.0 per sample
Institute of PharmacyDr. Swarnlata Saraf Dr.S. Saraf Dr. Vishal Jain Dr. Amber Vyas & other faculty members e-mail : [email protected]1. Value addition of herbs 2. extraction of herbs 3. Fingerprinting of herbals 4. Development of formulation containing extracts & phytoconstituents 5. FDA standards of extracts & phytoconstituentsPharmaceutical IndustriesCase to case basis