School of Studies in Electronics and Photonics

Symposia / Workshops

S.No. Title Category Convener Date/Year Details
1 Session on achieving Problem-Solution Fit and Product-Market Fit? Seminar Dr. Kavita Thakur 2024-02-23 
2 Three day Workshop on Hands-on Training & Fab Lab Visit Workshop Dr. Kavita Thkaur 2024-02-22 
3 Expert Talk on Innovation Development and Technology Readiness Level Commercialization... Seminar Dr. Kavita Thakur 2024-02-17 
4 ?Tech-Tinker Fair- Three day Exhibition on IOT/Arduino/Circuit based models? 2024 Workshop Dr Kavita Thakur 2024-02-13 
5 ?Three-day Workshop on Design Thinking, Critical Thinking and Innovation Design? Workshop Dr. Kavita Thakur 2024-01-29 
6 National Startup Day 2024 Seminar Dr. Kavita thakur 2024-01-16 
7 National Energy Conservation day 2023 Seminar Dr. Kavita Thakur 2023-12-14 
8 Motivational session by the successful Innovators 2023 Seminar Dr. Kavita Thakur 2023-11-29 
9 National Entrepreneurship Day 2023 Seminar Dr. Kavita Thakur 2023-11-21 
10 Internal Smart India Hackathon-2023 Workshop Dr. Kavita Thakur 2023-09-27