School of Studies in Electronics and Photonics

Individual Complete Project

S.No. Investigator Project Title Letter No. Funding Agency Funding Type Funding Amt(INR) Period File
1 Dr. Sanjay Tiwari Development of Highly Efficient CdTe/CdS Tandem Multijunction Photovoltaic System Through Optimization of Various Components No. EMR/2017/000431 SERB-DST, New Delhi Individual 34.9 Lakhs 2017-2021  
2 Dr. Kavita Thakur Development and Implementation of software based Automatic Heart Monitoring System through Speech Signal Analysis No. 71/CCOST/MRP/201 CCOST Individual 4.89 Lakhs 2016-2018  
3 Dr. Sanjay Tiwari Simulation, Fabrication and characterization of BHJ Inverted Organic Photovoltaic Cells PropID_P1089161391/U Indo Nano User Program IIT Bombay Individual 2016-2018  
4 DR.SANJAY TIWARI "Electrical & Optical modeling of Organic Solar cells for efficient solar Spectrum harvesting" ERIP/ER/1203087/M/0 Defense Research & Development Organisation 26 Lacs ...
5 DR. kavita thakur Speaker Identification using DSP tools (No. 1263/Grant Cell UGC, New Delhi Individual 0.20 Lacs 2001-2003 ...
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