School of Studies in Computer Science & IT

Symposia / Workshops

S.No. Title Category Convener Date/Year Details
1 National Conference o Recent Trends in Cyber Security 5th-7th February 2020 Seminar Dr. Sanjay Kumar 2020-02-05 -
2 Computer Awareness Program (For University Teachers & University Employees) Workshop Dr. O.P. Vyas 2002-05-01 -
3 Computer Awareness Program for Chhattisgarh Mantralaya Staff Workshop Dr. O.P. Vyas 2002-01-05 -
4 IT Training Program for Finance and Statistics Department, Secretariat, CG Govt. Workshop Dr. O.P. Vyas 2006-01-01 -
5 Computer Awareness Course for the employee of C.G. Govt. (Mantralaya) Dr. O. P. Vyas 2008-01-01 
6 Recent Trends in Green Computing (Conference) Dr. Sanjay kumar 2013-10-23 
7 Workshop on Android OS Dr. Sanjay kumar 2014-11-07 
8 workshop on Embedded System Dr. Sanjay kumar 2017-02-15 
9 Workshop on Online Admission Dr. Sanjay kumar 2017-05-02 
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