School of Studies in Chemistry

Individual Ongoing Project

S.No. Investigator Project Title Letter No. Funding Agency Funding Type Funding Amt(INR) Period File
1 Prof. Kamlesh K. Shrivas Development of Nanosensor for Detection of Harmful Microorganism and Chemical Substances from Food and Environmental Samples 105/CCOST/MRP/2023 CCOST, Raipur Individual 4 Lakh 2023- 2026  
2 Dr. Manmohan Lal Satnami Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) Pairs of Carbon Dots and Nanomaterials for Sensing and Imaging Applications (EEQ/2022/000967) SERB-DST, New Delhi Individual 50.26 Lakhs 2023-2026  
3 Prof. Shamsh Pervez & Dr. Indrapal Karbhal Emission Characterization and Removal Studies of Hazardous Gaseous Pollutants at Domestic Heating Sources Using Novel Approaches of Functionalize Carbon Fiber-Based Materials (CRG/2022/003926) SERB-DST, New Delhi Individual 79.91 Lakhs 2023-2026  
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