National Center For Natural Resources

Symposia / Workshops

S.No. Title Category Convener Date/Year Details
1 Training program on LC-MS-MS and HPLC Workshop Prof. M.K.Deb 2022-11-22 
2 Training program on LC-MS-MS Workshop Prof. M.K.Deb 2022-11-05 
3 Training program on Supercritical Fluid Extraction Workshop Prof. M.K.Deb 2022-08-04 
4 Training Program on NMR Spectroscopy Workshop Prof. Manas Kanti Deb 2019-11-30 
5 Training Program on Super Critical Fluid Extraction System (SCFE) Workshop Prof. Manas Kanti Deb 2019-09-26 
6 Training Program on LC-MS-MS Workshop Prof. Kallol K Ghosh 2019-03-06 
7 Training Program on High Performance Thin Layer Chromatogray (HP-TLC) Workshop Prof. Kallol K Ghosh 2018-11-14 
8 3rd International Congress Society for Ethno-pharmacology & Evaluation of Medicinal Pla... Seminar Prof. Atanu Kumar Pati 2016-02-19 
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