Center for Basic Sciences (CBS)

Symposia / Workshops

S.No. Title Category Convener Date/Year Details
1 5 Day Workshop on LaTex for Mathematicians and Physicists Workshop Dr. Laxmi Kant 2022-03-20 
2 National Mathematics Day-2022 Workshop Dr. Govind Prasad Sahu 2023-03-13 
3 National Science Day- 2023 Workshop Dr. Bhanushree Gupta 2023-03-15 
4 National Workshop on Modern Tools and Techniques in Chemical and Biological Research (1... Workshop Dr. Bhanushree Gupta , Dr. Veenu Joshi 2023-02-13 
5 One Day Seminar on "Intellectual Property Rights and Plagiarism" Seminar Dr. Bhanushree Gupta 2022-11-30 
6 International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development (IYBSSD2022) Workshop Dr. Laxmi Kant 2022-07-02 
7 National Science Day-2022 Workshop Dr. Bhanushree Gupta, Dr. Govind Sahu, Dr. Indrapal Karbhal 2022-03-05 
8 National Mathematics Day 2k21 Workshop Dr. Govind Prasad Sahu 2021-12-29 
9 National Science and mathematics Day-2020 Workshop Dr.BhanuShree Gupta and Dr. Govind Prasad Sahu 2020-03-13 
10 National webinar "Advances in Biological Sciences" 7-8th August 2020 Seminar Dr.Veenu Joshi 2020-08-07 
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