University Institute of Pharmacy


S.No. Research Scholar International / National / State Year Conference Details
1 Deependra Singh State 2006 Young Scientist Young Scientist
2 Manju Singh State 2006 Young Scientist Young Scientist
3 Shiv Shankar Shukla State 2009 Young Scientist Young Scientist
4 Amber Vyas State 2010 Young Scientist Young Scientist
5 Dr.s.saraf, Dr. Swarnlata Saraf, Dr. D.singh, Dr. V.jain National 2005 57th IPC Dr.S.Saraf, Dr. Swarnlata Saraf, Dr. D.Singh, Dr. V.Jain
6 Dr. S. J. Daharwal National 2006 Indian Society of Pharmacognosy in Current trends in Phytopharmaceuticals Best Research Paper Award
7 Dr. S. J. Daharwal, Dr. Swarnlata Saraf, Dr. S. Saraf National 2007 Pharmaceutical analysis in IJPER St. Johans Pharmacy College Award for Best paper
8 Dr. Preeti Suresh National 2009 Nanotech India Eric Drexler Award
9 Dr. Deependra Singh National 2011 University Grants Commission UGC Research award 2011
10 Dr. Deependra Singh National 2014 University Grants Commission Raman Post Doctoral fellowship
11 Dr. Vishal Jain National 2014 Indian Drug Manufacturing Association Best Paper Award
12 Dr. Manju Rawat Singh National 2014 United States of America ICMR Research Trainee fellowship
13 Dr. Deependra Singh National 2019 Deccan University, Melebourne, Australia ICMR Young Biomedical Scientist Award,