School of Studies in Literature and Languages

Year of Establishment: 1965

               The department of Linguistics & Languages was started by the then Vice-Chancellor Dr. Babu Ram Saxena in 1965. The department was then headed by Dr. R. C. Mehrotra who served the department for 28 years. At that time, the courses offered were M. A. in Linguistics & Languages, Diploma in Russian, German, French, Urdu & Phonetic. Currently the School of Studies in Literature & Languages is headed by Prof. Shail Sharma. After the emergence of School of Studies in English (1993) and School of Studies in Hindi(1998), the School of Studies in Linguistics and Languages has been changed to School of Studies in Literature and Languages as per the decision of the Coordination Committee in the year 2001. Since then the classes of Linguistics, Hindi, English, & Chhattisgarhi have been running smoothly. The aim of the School of in Studies Literature and Language is to provide opportunity for study and research in Hindi literature, Linguistics, English literature, folk literature and poetry along with historical, sociological, psychological and philosophical aspects.

               The School of Studies in Literature & Language serves as nucleus mainly for the maintenance and development of Languages and Literature through teaching, intra and inter disciplinary research and project. The output of research and projects draws the attention of Language-planners of Chhattisgarh. The school has been constantly engaged in training the youth in strengthening Hindi, English, and Chhattisgarhi for their Practical as well as academic purposes. The objectives of the programmes run by the School are to enrich the students with Linguistic and literary competence so as to enable them to perform efficiently in different domains.

Postal Address


School of Studies Literature & Languages,

Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University,

Amanaka G. E. Road, Raipur- 492010

Chhattisgarh, India