Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management

Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management


The Institute of tourism and hotel management has been a new professional discipline of the Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University at Raipur. This institute came into existence in 2002 and is the only recognized Institute of tourism and hotel management in entire Chhattisgarh region. As one of the flagship Institute of the University, it has been the focus of academic life in the University and has continued to build on its tradition while meeting new educational challenges. The Teachers in the Department are committed to excellence which allows them to impart a broad and liberal education to students about tourism and hotel management. The students coming out of this institute have established successful careers in both the public and private sectors, and have made significant contributions to the development of tourism in Chhattisgarh and India as a whole.


Tourism education underpins the cultural diversity and sophistication of the region that this university serves. The mission of the Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management is to contribute to knowledge in four following ways:

  • To build upon its strengths while at the same time pushing the bounds of tourism education.
  • To create skilled man power in the field of Tourism and Hotel Management and fulfill the requirement of these fast developing industry.
  • To provide a comprehensive, humanistic and liberal environment for its Staff and students and lifelong learning opportunities for the student community.
  • To bring out professionals with highly developed analytical, critical and creative skills, for leadership and success in their professional life.
  • To serve as a Regional gateway and forum for tourism education in Chhattisgarh region.


Excellent Faculty

The teaching staff of the institute is the foundation of general education system to prepare students to become well-rounded leaders with vision and humanity and the capacity.? They have provided innovative, high-quality lecture and teaching, and has established themselves as one of the best Institute faculties in the region and internationally. Over the next coming years, our goals will be to introduce a new curriculum and establishing ever-higher standards of excellence. To maintain and further improve the services and enhance our international standing.

Our Progress

Founded in 2002, the Institute of tourism and hotel management has one of the best and committed faculties in the University. Over the years our commitment to excellence has resulted in students who have established successful careers in the public and private sectors, and have made significant contributions to the development of the Chhattisgarh region and the country at large.

About the Programme

The course has been developed after taking into consideration, the areas of knowledge essential for tourism & hotel management. One paper is field work related project and one month professional training. The course comprises of four theory papers entitled:

  • Paper-I: Tourism Concept, Policy & Planning
  • Paper-II: Tourism Products of India
  • Paper-III: Travel Agency, Tour operation & Marketing for Hospitality & Tourism
  • Paper-IV: Hotel Management.
  • Besides the theory papers, there is a provision for a regular internal assessment under which the students are trained in professional skills development and will have to undergo on-the-job training for a stipulated period. At the completion of the course, the PG Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management will be conferred on those students who will successfully clear the examination and other evaluation procedures.